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Greg Brock Dozing LLC provides our customers with complimentary estimates. In business since 1997, Greg Brock Dozing LLC is licensed, bonded and insured. We have never had a judgment or lien brought against us by any Client, City, or the State of Washington. We have various pieces of equipment, which include two excavators (with attachments), two dump trucks with pup trailers, 700-D bulldozer, backhoe/loader, three compactors including a Dynapac Drum Compactor, and a fully loaded service truck.

When getting several estimates, remember that these estimates should all be within a reasonable amount of each other. If an estimate is significantly lower, there could be problems down the road with cost over runs. Greg will always give the estimate that he feels the job will actually take in time and materials to complete the job to your satisfaction. Written estimates are provided when needed or requested at no cost. And remember, while a portion of the payment may be asked up front, no reputable contractor will ask for full payment prior to starting the job.

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Call Greg at (206) 499-4450 for your complimentary cost estimate. Greg Brock Dozing LLC looks forward to working with you!